Various modules that make up Educ8e

Academic Plan
Curriculum are never static, periodic reviews are normalized, either initiated within or occasioned by regulating bodies.
Captures applicants personal, academic, online electronic application to capture applicant’s health details,guardian etc.
This provide and disseminate information regarding their Alma Mater, its graduates, faculties and students to the Alumni.
The module helps in creating and managing assignments, tests and projects for students of each program and level.
It helps the institution to ensure students compliance with the lecture attendance requirement of each course.
This module is responsible for generating alerts and notifications to students, faculty and other entities.
Business Intelligence
An enterprise reporting platform based on open Report Definition Language (RDL) for all the modules in Educ8e.
Keeps record of students’ and staffs inappropriate behavior and actions taken by the school

How It Works

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Built with modern technologies, to give our users great user experience

Educ8e is built using the Microsoft technology on single secured relational database that is normalized with shared data using Service Oriented Architecture (SOA). A full web-based academic Enterprise Resource Planning solution built from the ground up for higher education with user role based security. It uses standard Microsoft technologies to deliver highly integrated system that can easily integrate with other applications in a secured manner.

Freedom of choice—build your solution your way and leverage the ability to adapt quickly as your institution business and operational requirements evolve. Sage 300 Business Management is technically designed to provide your business with more control and flexibility. You can deploy all or part of the functions according to your requirements, one step at a time.

The built-in Business intelligence and dashboard tools enable key management institution officers to view and interact with Educ8e from mobile devices, receive email notifications when specific values reach a threshold.

The built-in Report engine provides enterprise reporting platform based RDL specifications and have specific reports delivered by mail based on previous set schedule without any manual intervention. It supports rich set of data visualization items like charts, gauges, tables, matrices, lists, indicators, and maps.

Technology Partners

Mobile App

Educ8e mobile app makes critical school resources available for both students and their parents on their mobile devices. Similarly, guardian have access to important information and alerts about their ward that might require their intervention and input

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