Academic Plan

The academic planning module is a powerful tool for academic planners to create and review or revise various aspects of the curriculum. The curriculum mapping system promotes collaboration among instructors across programs and courses in different departments of the institution. coque iphone Curriculum are never static; periodic reviews are normal, coque iphone 6 either initiated within or occasioned by regulating bodies. It provides a structured system in setting up academic sessions, coque iphone 8 semesters and programmes required for delivery of high quality educational output. coque iphone x It provides a powerful tool to create new programmes and ensure their continual conformity to accreditation requirements of regulating bodies

  • Academic Calendar- sessions, coque iphone 2019 pas cher semesters etc.
  • Institution academic organogram
  • Faculty, department and programs
  • Curriculum management
  • Course catalog management
  • Course offerings management
  • Assign courses to faculty
  • Organise courses by subjects and departments.
  • Assign lecturers to classes and manages enrolment.
  • Course registration through student portals.
  • Course accreditation management and compliance audit reporting.
  • Audit Reporting.
  • Inclusion of pre-requisite requirements for each course.
  • New programme development; tracking academic content, coque iphone staffing and other resources.
  • Built-in graduation audit tracker for each programme.
  • Create and manage proposals for courses, programs, coque iphone 6 and learning experiences.
  • Establish learning objectives by course, department,

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