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Academic Plan
Curriculum are never static, periodic reviews are normalized, either initiated within or occasioned by regulating bodies.
Captures applicants personal, academic, online electronic application to capture applicant’s health details,guardian etc.
This provide and disseminate information regarding their Alma Mater, its graduates, faculties and students to the Alumni.
The module helps in creating and managing assignments, tests and projects for students of each program and level.
It helps the institution to ensure students compliance with the lecture attendance requirement of each course.
This module is responsible for generating alerts and notifications to students, faculty and other entities.
Business Intelligence
An enterprise reporting platform based on open Report Definition Language (RDL) for all the modules in Educ8e.
Keeps record of students’ and staffs inappropriate behavior and actions taken by the school
Document Management
With a few mouse clicks, you can easily share any document or electronic file with Students.
This module aids faculties to conduct flawless examinations with minimum effort and speeds up the results declaration.
Facility Management
This involves buildings, facilities, equipment and plants. It identifies and codes all the items in an asset table.
Faculty Portal
Course management that is fully integrated with student course registration details. Advisee listings.
The financial module manages the very important economic fulcrum of an institution. Monitor delinquent accounts.
Guardian Portal
This manages interaction between parent and the school and makes the parent an active participant in the education of his
The hostel module helps in managing hostel buildings, rooms, units, porters and all associated parts effectively.
It handles all type of transactions concerning purchases, storage and issuing of items to the department.
This manages all the activities of the final project process. It keeps track of the project progress, monitoring the document
This module manages result processing with built-in degree audit system that tracks student progress.
Student Portal
This help students monitor their progress, stay organized, track assignments, and access class resources.
Automation of class duration to ensure Full completion of the course workload within the given semester.