The Assessment module helps in creating and managing assignments, tests and projects for students of each program and level. acheter coque iphone This helps to keep track of student’s scripts and mark as against the manual method of marking papers and eliminates missing scripts and inconsistent marks for students. The electronic enabled assessment provides tools for class assignments, tests, individual and group projects, coque iphone solde drastically reducing the time taken for assessment and eliminating errors, while bringing transparency and reliability to the various assessment processes. Each student can see all his tests, coque iphone 6 assignments and projects score and performance on the portal without having to approach the lecturer directly thereby eliminating possible harassment by either lecturer or students.

  • Allow faculties to create assignments, tests and quizzes targeted at specific classes through the faculty portal.
  • Allow faculty members to upload documents associated with assignments, coque iphone pas cher laboratory, coque iphone 6 projects or tests.
  • Allow multiple assessment options: assignments, soldes coque iphone laboratory, tests, projects, examination etc.
  • Manage assessment records
  • Provides a platform for students to submit assessments electronically.
  • Easy tracking of student’s performance.
  • Attendance taking by faculty of departmental office through electronic forms in Educ8e.
  • Student absence from classes is communicated to course adviser, parents by reports on daily or weekly basis.
  • Real-time SMS,

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