The attendance module enables the institution to record the attendance of students in classes, laboratories and all other forums required for their academic work. coque iphone en ligne It helps the institution to ensure students compliance with the lecture attendance requirement of each course. It also provides early warning system to both students and guardians if the students attendance record falls below the required standard. coque iphone pas cher Rather than utilizing the usual paper-based approach to taking attendance, Educ8e provides electronic based device attendance marking. coque iphone en ligne Through the student portal, each student logs in to the class and provides the passcode provided by the lecturer for that particular class. soldes coque iphone This module helps to keep track of both students and staff attendance with full automation. coque iphone x All class attendance is tracked and recorded with GPS coordinates, device IMEI numbers and MAC addresses of student devices to eliminate collusion and “tail-gating” by students. coque iphone soldes Suspected attendance is flagged for investigation.

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