The finance module’s unparalleled integration of financial and accounting information to provide increased transparency, accuracy, and efficiency, tightly integrated with the Sage ERP to provide full financial disclosure and accountability. coque iphone xr The financial module manages the very important economic fulcrum of an institution. The students being the only “customer” and major source of revenue needs to be accurately billed at the beginning of each semester, term or session. coque iphone xs The module is made up of two components: Billing and Receipt sub-modules. The billing unit simplifies, streamlines, and accelerates the student billing process efficiently. It maintains a configurable schedule of fees management based on course of study and levels, tuition, hostel, medical, books, transport etc. coque iphone The billing process generates accounting entries that are sent to the Sage ERP Accounts Receivable and General Ledger allowing financial reports to be generated. The receipt unit manages all payments made by students either for scheduled bills or miscellaneous payments. coque iphone 8 It provides support for various payment channels: banks, credit cards, tokens etc. The received payment is matched to the corresponding bill, and students account are updated in real time, and the integration with Sage ERP ensures that the student account in Accounts Receivable and the General Ledger are updated. coque iphone 7

  • Maintain all types of fees on an individual or group level based on department or program level.
  • Generate unique bills for students and sponsors by department, levels and cycles.

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