This module manages result processing with built-in degree audit system that tracks student progress and ensures compliance with each levels requirement in relations to grades for courses, projects, class attendance, and industrial and work placement training. coque iphone 7 The result module helps in managing results effectively. coque iphone xs max Based on set grades, Educ8e generates result sheets for students of each program level. coque iphone xs max The lecturers can pass the result grades to higher authorities as defined in the school’s workflow. coque iphone soldes The students and guardians can also access the result page on their portal but cannot edit it. coque iphone pas cher The features are listed below:

  • Grading system setup with courses and required credit levels for graduation.
  • Course adviser access to track student progress and identify early students that may be academically “distressed” and advice on options available to get back on track.
  • Enforce the use of grade format Grade Point (GP) System
  • Assign grading format to levels, faculties, departments, etc.
  • Result upload functionality
  • Real time update of results in other portals (Student/Guardian)
  • Student CGPA tracking
  • Details of each class and level requirements, the grade earned by the students are available from the course adviser, student and parent portal.
  • Determine how final grades are calculated by specifying weights of assignments, tests, exams and class participation. coque iphone 8 Adjust final grades based on attendance records.
  • Keep record of students’ examination View of past and present results.
  • Automatically computes results for each student.
  • Provides a platform for students to access results electronically.
  • Easy tracking of student’s performance.

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