This module helps in the proper planning and scheduling of all school courses. coque iphone 2019 The module assists in creation and management of time tables for all classes of students and faculties taking into consideration the academic workload of each course and available resources. coque iphone It ensures that the required content is covered with the given semester. Based on the result of academic planning, the course workload and topics breakdown with the corresponding hourly requirement are used in the creation of timetable schedule for each program stream and level. The timetable for each level of students and faculties are generated and published both in the student and faculty portals. coque iphone solde This module seeks to allocate time and venue to each course depending on the credit unit and its importance i.e. whether elective or compulsory. coque iphone 6  

  • Plan frequency of classes based on course workload.
  • Assign faculty to respective courses. coque iphone 2019 pas cher Assign classroom to each class session. coque iphone Eliminates time and resource conflicts.

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